Palm City Antalya

Ideal housing project with location, concept, housing types and perfect equipment surrounding social life.

You can contact the sales office for the prices of apartments for sale in Palm City Antalya and for information.

Palm City; It offers a privileged world of comfort in Antalya, the apple of the eye of Turkey.

Palm Suites (1+1, 2+1 flats), Laguna (3+1, 4+1 flats) and villa alternatives are available.


The comfort of the city belongs to you...
Palm City Antalya Villas

Would you like to meet your neighbor every morning in a dim stairwell or in the garden under the Mediterranean sun?

We offer a stress-free environment in Palm City, where there are 5 types of California-style villas from 150 m² to 350 m².

Experience the happiness of your own comfort for a lifetime with Palm City Villas with garden and pool options of up to 1.5 acres.

The sale of Palmira, Luciada, Flora and Gardenia type villas has been completed.

In our information sales office for the last 1 duplex Bella and 3 single-storey Grand Palmira

Bella and Grand Palmira villas are for sale

If it is a detached villa you are looking for, what are the last Bella and Grand Palmira type villas? Situation plan you can see on it. You can also look for villa alternatives on the neighboring Palm City Premium site for the villa. For detailed information, leave your contact information and we will call you.

In Palm City Antalya, apart from the villa, the following 3+1, 4+1 Laguna Houses and 1+1, 2+1 Palm Suites apartments are for sale.

Laguna Houses

The rising trend of the city… Palm City Laguna Houses

Laguna Houses got its name from its private artificial lake located in the middle of a magnificent landscape.

Laguna Houses, with a view of the Taurus Mountains on all floors, invites those who want to live higher than Palm City standards.

3+1 Laguna

1- Hall 56,80m²
2- Kitchen 17.32 m²
3- Kitchen balcony 10.90 m²
4-door 10.60 m²
5- Laundry room 3.00m²
6- Vestibule 9.42 m²
7- General bathroom 5.05m²
8- Master bathroom 6.50m²
9- Parent room 25,30m²
10- Bedroom 10,50m²
11- Bedroom 2 15.31 m²
12- Living room balcony 6.57 m²

Toplam net alan 177,27 m²

4+1 Laguna

1- Hall 40.51 m²
2- Kitchen 17.32 m²
3- Kitchen balcony 10.90 m²
4- Entrance 10.60 m²
5- Laundry room 3.00m²
6- Vestibule 12,44m²
7- General bathroom 5.05m²
8- Master bathroom 6.50m²
9- Parent room 25,30m²
10- Bedroom 10.50 m²
11- Bedroom 2 11.25 m²
12- Balcony 6.57 m²

Toplam net alan 176,64 m²

Palm Suites

Its small, its standard is large; Palm Suites

There is also an option for newlyweds and individual preferences in Palm City. Palm Suites… 

Having all the comfort details of Palm City, Palm Suites offers life details specially created for you.

Situation plan

It's not too late to own a villa in Palm City Antalya. The 4 villas available for sale are numbered on the layout plan. 

Apart from villas, there are various suites (between 1+1 and 4+1).


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