Palm City

the city of happiness

Palm City

After the first stage of Palm City Antalya, life started in “Palm City Premium” and the 3rd stage in “Palm City Modern”.

different? Large (1+1, 2+1, 3+1 and 4+1) apartments, villa with private garden, Palm City roof? waiting for you below.

Let's get to know Palm City up close. If you want, fill out our form and we will call you immediately and inform you.

Antalya Community College

Palm City Antalya stage? Within the Community College, there is the ICCA Preschool Preschool Education Campus, whose language of instruction is English. Here, students are international students. they are acquainted with education in standards (Cambridge International Programme).

If desired, I have the chance to continue primary, secondary and high school education at the Community College right next to us and to receive a double diploma. will be in front of your child. You can browse the website to get to know the school better.

Palm City Sports Center

City life that tires the bodies? Palm City Sport Center greets you when you leave the site. Premium and Modern residents will benefit from the center located in the Palm City Antalya complex with an annual membership system. 

800 m² of it is covered, a total of 6500 m² is fully equipped. In the sports complex, there are 3 pools, two of which are open, children's pool, sauna, fin bath, fitness center, step/aerobics hall, tennis courts, football and basketball courts, squash, table tennis and billiards.

Safety and Comfort

2-meter electronic barriers surrounding the site and 24-hour mobile security personnel, fire and burglar alarms, closed? High level of security with parking and garages.

From the age of 3, your child should have the chance to receive education, do sports and socialize in common areas within the site. our features that you can include in the security scope.

In addition, central channel? Your comfort is at the highest level with the air conditioning system, 110 tons of water tank, water treatment system and generator.

Technicial Specifications

weak current relay

raft foundation


Lightning rod

Carbon additive sheathing

Quiet waste water installation

air conditioning

Ytong walls

Resistant to earthquakes and adverse conditions. construction technology

3 glasses? ?s? insulation aluminum joinery

Between floors? floor insulation (Floating floor system)

Aquaterm clean water installation?

Where is Palm City?

Palm City, Antalya's Dö?emealt? The district consists of adjacent stages.

Open addresses and map links:

Palm City Antalya   SEE ON THE MAP
Alt?nkale, Palmiye Cd. No:4,
Domealt? / Antalya   

Palm City Premium   SEE ON THE MAP
Alt?nkale, Orhan Veli Cd. No:298
07190 Flooring? / Antalya   

Palm City Modern  SEE ON THE MAP
Alt?nkale, Palmiye Cd. No:7
07190 Flooring? / Antalya   

Situation Plans?

Situation plans of 3 stages, sales on them You can find it together with the numbers of the houses that last.

Detailed? For information, we do not call you via the form below. you can request.

Palm City Antalya continues to be one of the most preferred options in the city.

In the first phase of the project, California style garden with gardens of up to 1.5 acres. There are 5 types of villas, Laguna Houses with its own private lake in a magnificent landscape and Palm Suits for small families.

Antalya?n?n?s leading families live???? Palm City continues its comfort reputation with the Premium project.

4 different rooms, each with a pool. type and gene? your families will live with pleasure Premium Villas with large detached gardens are the most luxurious reflection of Palm City happiness. offers.  

It is designed for small families who want to experience the comfort of a garden house at more affordable prices.

There are 156 duplex houses and 20 commercial duplexes in total in Modern, which is planned as villas. Families who will experience this most modern interpretation of Palm City will also be able to benefit from their own sports facility.




Palm City Antalya: +90 530 236 16 12

Palm City Premium: +90 544 427 00 18

Palm City Modern: +90 544 427 01 40