California style premium standards

Single family detached houses with pool in the gated community. Villas for Sale in Antalya. The first stage concept of Palm City Antalya, 'California style life', now inspires the 2nd stage with premium standards. 'California style' is no ordinary definition for Palm City. A comfort concept embracing villa life 360 degrees. Every moment is a source of happiness, a magnificent site…

Technical Features

weak current relay

raft foundation


Lightning rod

Danfoss smart

Carbon added jacketing

Aquaterm clean water system

Quiet wastewater installation

Ytong walls

Central ducted air conditioning system

Construction technology resistant to earthquakes and adverse conditions

3-glazed acoustic argon gas heat insulated aluminum joinery

Floor insulation between floors (floating floor system)

Area controlled floor heating/cooling fan coil

28KW Panasonic heat pump

Dreams, expectations, realities

At the intersection of all of them will be Palm City Premium. Now, we invite everyone who wants to experience Antalya in premium comfort to experience this unique living space. The villas have been designed with striking details so that residents can feel the "good thing I live here" feeling every day.

From 423 m² to 678 m²

Palm City Premium villas were designed in 4 types. Private for each villa; High-level comfort standards such as a garden ranging from 1 to 2.5 acres, a swimming pool, and a 2-car parking lot are just some of the features of Premium that reinforces its California-style living claim.

Premium comfort

We want premium comfort to be a natural part of not only your home but also your complex life. That's why healthy living opportunities and safety solutions are our top priority. The fully equipped Palm City Sports Center right next to you is the most popular example of our goal of uninterrupted comfort.

A 'Premium' life with convenient payment options...

Situation plan

Premium villas available for sale are numbered.

House Types

Grand Gardenia

The largest villa type of Palm City Premium, Grand Gardenya...

A unique comfort option for crowded families with a total usage area of 678 m2. Private garden and 120 m2 swimming pool for your 2,5-acre villa. Different and eye-catching architectural details such as the inner courtyard in a single-storey plan. Spacious kitchen where you will enjoy being in every moment. Complete comfort equipment offered in individual living spaces for your family, guests and employees. All and more at Premium Grand Gardenya.

Grand Gardenia

1- Hall 88.40 m²
2- Kitchen 50.38 m²
3- Warehouse 12.09 m²
4. Parent room 50.71 m²
5. Master bathroom 16.10 m²
6. Bedroom 1 16.53 m²
7. Bedroom bathroom 4.37m²
8. Bedroom 2 35.13 m²
9. Bedroom bathroom 5.05m²
Hall 10 6.06m²
11. Guest washbasin 4.24m²
12. Guest house 1 30.41 m²
13. Guest bathroom 8.08 m²
14. Guest house 2 29.97 m²
15. Guest bathroom 8.36 m²
16. Indoor courtyard 48.66m²
17. Open until courtyard terrace 91,94m²
18. Outbuilding room 4.97m²
19. Covered kitchen terrace 10,77m²
20. Port garage for 2 cars 36.20 m²
21. Swimming pool 120.00 m²

Grand Palmira

Grand Palmira: Comfort harmony of Palm City Premium designed on one floor…

With a garden size of nearly 2 acres, a private swimming pool of 80 m2 and a usable area of 454 m2, it is a comfort option that large families cannot ignore. Aesthetics and function are always together in the square meters where the magnificent ambiance is presented in the accompaniment of modern lines. All the details of comfort meet in Grand Palmira with the combination of the large living room and kitchen, the en-suite master's room, 2 children's bedrooms and guest rooms each with a bathroom, as well as the working room.

Grand Palmira

1- Hall 77,46 m²
2- Kitchen 50.79 m²
3- Parent room 33.77 m²
4. Bedroom 124.69 m²
5. Bedroom 220.41 m²
6. Guest room 119.79 m²
7. Guest room 216.68 m²
8. Hallway 25.98 m²
9. Master bathroom 9.40 m²
10. Public bathroom 17.57 m²
11. Guest bathroom 6.80 m²
12. Guest washbasin 3.12 m²
13. Outbuilding room 3.04 m²
14. Hall3,66 m²
15. Entrance11.24 m²
16. Port garage for 2 cars 36.20 m²
17. Garden terrace 24.10 m²
18. Swimming pool 80.00 m²

Total gross area454.70 m²

Grand Bella

Grand Bella, the two-storey comfort monument of Palm City Premium...

Grand Bella, where living spaces are specially planned for every segment of 24 hours, has a usage area of 433 m2. A premium classic, its giant garden and 80 m2 swimming pool are among Bella's dazzling comfort standards. An architectural approach where dynamism and serenity complement each other. The ground floor planning, which transforms the dynamic aspect of daily life into a great pleasure, includes a large living room, dining room, kitchen, 2 guest rooms and a bathroom. The serene comfort of the day continues with the parents' room, clothes room and bathroom on the 2nd floor, as well as 2 children's rooms and a shared bathroom. Life goes on with pleasure at Grand Bella.

grand Bella

1st Floor

1- Hall 58.20 m²
2- Kitchen 44.17 m²
3- Entrance 29,10 m²
4. Hallway 116.10 m²
5. Guest room 213.63 m²
6. Guest bathroom 4.20 m²
7. Guest washbasin 5.67 m²
8. Outbuilding room 6.06 m²
9. Entrance 6.22 m²

2nd Floor

10. Port garage for 2 cars 36.20 m²
11. Swimming pool 80.00 m²
Hall 12, 9.14 m²
13. Parent room 46.05 m²
14. Master bath 9.06 m²
15. Public bathroom 6.75 m²
16. Bedroom 118.70 m²
17. Bedroom 220.17 m²
18. Garden terrace 24.10 m²

Total net area 433.52 m²


Palmira, the harmonious reflection of grandeur and serenity, where the concept of Grand Palmira is lived on 423 m2...

A balance of comfort that transforms the freedom it offers outside with its 1.5 acres of garden and 80 m2 swimming pool into peace with its large kitchen with fireplace and winter garden. Palmira with a perfectly planned parent room, bedrooms where the finest details are considered for family members and guests, and a total of 5 + 1 rooms for employee use. In short, life is here.


1- Hall 73.55 m²
2- Kitchen 47,52 m²
3- Parent room 34.77 m²
4. Bedroom 118.89 m²
5. Bedroom 214.58 m²
6. Guest room 113,92 m²
7. Guest room 213.02 m²
8. Hallway 22.52 m²
9. Master bathroom 9.40 m²
10. Bedroom 17.57 m²
11. Bedroom bathroom 5.90 m²
12. Bedroom bathroom 3.12 m²
13. Outbuilding room 3.04 m²
Hall 14 3.66 m²
15. Entrance 11.24 m²
16. Port garage for 2 cars 36.20 m²
17. Garden terrace 24.10 m²
14. Swimming pool 80.00 m²
Total gross area 423.06 m²

A 'Premium' life with convenient payment options...


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